Friedmann has a keen interest in many aspects of styling. As well as being a master hair stylist, he has a particular flair for overall style. He loves helping women in particular to frame their beauty in the most enhancing ways. He broadened his skills by studying make up artistry and finds this has deepened his ability to create harmonising and visually enchanting looks.

Friedmann has gained invaluable experience by practising his artistry in many countries including Germany, South Africa and Spain and is loved by an eager band of customers wherever he works. We think it could be his German nature that helps him to see detail that most of us miss.

With his 25 years of experience, we trust all our hair styling needs to this creative genius and so can you. Friedmann is often teased about his ‘Bill Clinton’ style – when he’s giving you the Friedmann make over, he makes you feel no one else in the world exists or matters!

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