TV Hairdresser


Luisa is a hair stylist with a particular talent – she works on the set of films and TV fiction series. She says this is what she was born for.

The week she finished her training in hairdressing academy, she knocked on the door of a production company. Seeing her creativity and her unique dexterity and speed with styling hair, they hired her without hesitation and treasure her versatility.

Having starter her career in administration, Luisa realised she had creative talent that was straining to be expressed. Though her work is challenging, she wouldn’t change it for anything. On set, she has to be agile and creative enough to come up with hair styling solutions on the spot. There’s little time to prepare the actors and often not even running water!

Luisa has become indispensable on her production set and we’re privileged to have her on our team too. She put together our course on up styles and Hair Extensions which is now widely used to assist stylists in all areas of image management.

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