Brandy Cross is a professional writer and journalist, AFPA Certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, certified Pilate’s mat teacher, and student currently working towards her 500 Hour RYT Yoga Teacher Certification and a certificate in Plant Based Nutrition at Cornell University.

Brandy’s first job was in a restaurant, where she quickly learned the basics of cooking and crafting food, and she cannot remember a time when food was not an important part of her life. Lactose intolerance drove her to studying the basics of nutrition, where she learned about eating properly, controlling weight with food, and ensuring proper nutrition for health and wellness.

When she discovered yoga, which she practices several hours per day, Brandy began studying the basics of plant based nutrition and vegan food, and creating recipes based around legumes, mushrooms, and other plant based proteins. With hundreds of hours applied to learning basic to advanced food skills, she is capable of crafting recipes and has ghost written multiple recipe books.

Outside of nutrition and fitness, Brandy owns one cat, keeps a small balcony garden, and writes fiction in her spare time.

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