Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

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Personal Image & Beauty Expert- become your own stylist course -See Course Syllabus

Fashion Store Assistant & Personal Shopper- become a personal shopper course -See Course Syllabus

Wedding Planner - become a wedding planner -See Course Syllabus

Event Planner - become an event planner -See Course Syllabus

Make-up Artist- become a make-up artist course -See Course Syllabus

Extension & Hair Styling Expert- become a hair stylist -See Course Syllabus

Gel Manicure & Nail Artist- become a nail artist -See Course Syllabus

Marketing your business -  See Course Syllabus

Starting your business -  See Course Syllabus

Interior Design & Home Styling -  See Course Syllabus

All our course material is compiled by stylists and image consultants with many years’ experience in the world of fashion. They have styled and accessorised many shows and magazine fashion pages and written numerous fashion articles and commentaries. They currently work in fashion and have their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends. All this knowledge is combined into the content of our courses so you can also learn these skills and carve out your own styling ability.

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